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Last updated June 4, 2017, originally published October 2, 2014

By D. Recalde, Contributing Columnist

Testosterone is a hormone that is linked to sexual
performance, reproductive function, low body fat levels,
muscle mass, bone density, red blood cell production, hair
growth and aggressive, competitive behaviors.

Produced in large amounts by males and in significantly
smaller amounts by females, that is, by the reproductive
organs (testicles in men, ovaries in women), testosterone
levels tend to peak at the age of 40 and slowly decline
after that age.

Although testosterone is widely perceived as a male sex
hormone, women, while having it at much lower levels
than men, are more sensitive to its effects.

Linked to the image of “manliness”
--- male strength and
--- a high testosterone level in men and a somewhat
lower testosterone level in women is what everybody
should aim for to maintain a healthy sex drive, healthy
skin, positive moods, good muscle strength, proper bone
density and optimal fat levels.

Low testosterone levels in men is a condition called
"hypogonadism" and it affects 38.7% of men over the age
of 45, according to a 2006 study from Malcom Randall VA
Medical Center GRECC and the University of Florida.

Reduced levels of the hormone is especially detrimental to
men. Not only do such levels reduce libido and lead to
unsuccessful reproduction rates – a deficiency of
testosterone in men can compromise male strength
through lower muscle mass and bone density as well as
lead to low energy levels, poor concentration and fatigue.

Low testosterone levels in men are also linked to metabolic
syndrome – a group of metabolic risk factors that boost
the chances of developing heart disease, stroke, and type
2 diabetes.

A 2010 study from Ernst Moritz Arndt University in
Greifswald, Germany, examined 1,954 men and found that
men with low testosterone are more than twice as likely to
die from such causes as men with normal levels of

The study concluded: “After adjusting adjusting for waist
circumference, smoking habits, high-risk alcohol use,
physical activity, renal insufficiency, and levels of
dehydroepiandrosterone sulfate, low serum testosterone
levels continued to be associated with increased mortality."

Read on to find out about five common everyday habits
proven to lower testosterone levels:

Lack of Sleep Destroys Testosterone

According to the June 2011 edition of the Journal of the
American Medical Association (JAMA), scientists from the
University of Chicago found that men who received less
than five hours of sleep a night for a week or longer
suffered from a lower level of testosterone (about 15
percent lower) than those who were sleeping well.

Doctor Eve Van Cauter, who led the study, determined that
low sleep duration and poor sleep quality are endocrine
disrupters, which, in the case of the study led to the men
registering, by the end of the project, testosterone levels
similar to someone 10 to 15 years older. Testosterone
levels in men decrease naturally by between 1 to 2 percent
a year as a man ages.

Chronic Stress

The production of the stress hormone cortisol blocks the
production and effects of testosterone in men and women

Since cortisol increases the “fight or flight” response, it
lowers testosterone-associated functions such as mating,
aggression and competing in favor of having the body be
prepared to escape danger, revealed a 2010 study at The
University of Texas at Austin. Study leader Robert Josephs
then commented: “Fight or flight behaviors encouraged by
cortisol become more likely during an emergency situation
when cortisol levels are high. Thus, it makes sense that the
hormonal axes that regulate testosterone levels and
cortisol levels are antagonistic.”

According to the research, chronically high cortisol levels
induce impotence and loss of libido by inhibiting
testosterone production in men.

In women, chronically elevated levels of cortisol also cause
severe fertility problems and result in an abnormal
menstrual cycle.

Licorice Consumption Lowers Testosterone

Licorice consumption decreases testosterone levels in men
and women.

Two studies, one studying the effects of eating licorice in
men – a 1999 University of Padua study – and yet another
studying the effects of the same in women dating from
2004 (from the same university) found that daily
consumption of licorice led to a significant drop in
testosterone levels in both groups.

In the men's study, the subjects' testosterone levels were
almost sliced in half. The amounts of licorice given to both
study groups are eaten by many people, the University

Extracts of licorice root are typically used in many
countries as flavoring agents, candy or breath fresheners.
In herbal medicine, it is widely used for arresting adrenal
fatigue and lowering cortisol. (Read more about
licorice affects your health, good and bad.)

Poor Diet

A bad diet that promotes weight gain, obesity and/or
diabetes lowers testosterone significantly.

A 2010 study from the University of Buffalo found that 40
percent of obese patients on their panel exhibited lower-
than-normal testosterone levels. This percentage rose to
50 percent in obese men who also had diabetes. Just
having diabetes is a factor for low testosterone levels as
men with diabetes, whether obese or not, showed lower-
than-average testosterone levels.

A diet low in saturated (e.g.: butter, lard) and
monounsaturated (e.g.: nuts) fats and, at the same time,
high in polyunsaturated fats (e.g.: canola oil) also leads to
lower testosterone levels, a 1997 study from Penn State
University found.

Eating Soy

A mainstay of the vegetarian diet and hailed for its
cardiovascular health benefits, soy and soy isoflavones
negatively affects testosterone levels while boosting
estrogen levels.

A 2011 study from Beth Israel Medical Deaconess Center,
Harvard Medical School found that the heavy consumption
of soy-based products on a vegan-style diet led to low
levels of testosterone, erectile dysfunction and loss of

In the study, normal testosterone levels were regained
when the soy-rich diet was abandoned. The results of this
study were also confirmed by a 2003 University Hospital of
Wales, Cardiff study where serum testosterone
concentrations in men dropped after the men in the study
were fed food products made with soy flour. (Soy also
reduces sperm count.
Read more.)

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