5 Easy Ways to Cut Down on Carbs
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May 18, 2013, last updated June 14, 2016
By Editors, MangoBoss

Following a low-carbohydrate diet is not easy. Carbohydrates, after all,  
didn't come to dominate the plates of Americans (and the plates of
almost everyone else on the planet) because they taste bad. Whether
they come in the innocent guise of warm bread, or crispy potato chips
or French fries or cinnamon buns...stop me ... carbs are a good part of
the reason most of us can't stop eating until we've gone too far.
Result? Bulging waist lines, mental sluggishness, diabetes and
increased risk of heart disease.

Low-carb eating has grown in popularity following the discovery by
scientists that those who reduce the total amount of carbohydrates in
their diets --actually the ratio of carbohydrates to protein -- experience
lower rates of obesity, diabetes and heart disease. The evidence in
support of the health benefits of low carbohydrate eating keeps rolling
in. In 2013, for example, a study from The Icahn School of Medicine at
Mount Sinai, New York confirmed the superiority of low-carb eating in
lowering blood sugar levels.

If you've decided to cut down on carbohydrates, here are some tips
that may help you fight the good fight:

Sprinkle Vinegar on Your Fries. Adding a sprinkle of vinegar -- think
vinaigrette dressing -- on your fries can help to cut down on your
appetite for sugar.

Eat an Apple Before Noon. Load up on fiber meal before noon to
reduce your appetite for carbohydrates. We naturally experience a lull
in blood sugar, studies show, around mid-afternoon. Eating an apple
with your breakfast, or eating high fiber/low sugar cereal for breakfast
helps to delay the onset of the afternoon sugar lull.

Sweat More. All of us have experienced a drop in appetite after you
adopt a consistent exercise routine.  For reasons not entirely clear to
scientists, working out makes us crave carbs less.

Get Out the Juicer.  Use a juicer or an ordinary blender to puree
vegetables -- think zucchinis, celery, asparagus and red bell peppers.
Use this vegetable-based puree in soups, or even in as a side drink at
lunch or dinner.  Use vegetables which are low in sugar such as green
vegetables and bell peppers. Avoid over-using carrots, which are
higher in sugar.

Plan for Hunger with Egg Whites. Studies show that we reach for
carbs when we are feeling down feeling stressed or feeling too hungry.
Carbs deliver quick energy which lifts our mood.  Solution? Plan. Add
protein to your normal meals. Protein keeps you feeling fuller longer so
you're less likely to reach for a quick-hit of carbs when you're stressed

Egg whites are a terrific, easy way to boost your protein intake
throughout the day. Boil 4 eggs and take out the yolk. Use these 4 egg
whites for the rest of the day. You can add egg whites to your
breakfast. Layer some egg whites on your sandwich at lunch. Add egg
whites to your salad at dinner. Get the idea?

Add Artichokes to Your Meals. Artichokes are rich in a fiber called
"inulin". Inulin is a fermentable fiber, which means that it is fermented
in your intestines. A byproduct of the fermentation process is the
release of acetate, which cuts down on your appetite, studies show.
Inulin is a darling of the food manufacturing industry because in your
mouth, it feels like fat. Take a look at the ingredients label of any of the
"high fiber" snacks you eat. You will likely find that inulin is one of the
first few ingredients listed.

To create your own inulin, high fiber meals, add mashed artichokes to
your mashed potatoes or add artichoke to your salads. You'll discover
that you eat about 10% less. (Read more about how
artichokes turn
off your appetite.)

Divide Your Carbs into Smaller Parts

Studies have found that people who eat less when their food is divided
into smaller parts.  Divide your carbs into two parts or three parts and
eat each part 10 to 20 minutes apart.


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Egg whites can help you break your
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