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5 Common Beliefs About Penis Size --
Are They True or False?

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Last updated August 4, 2016 (originally published July 1, 2011)

By L. Carr, Associate Editor and Featured Columnist

Perhaps no other body part has been the subject of more
speculation and mythology than the male human penis. Is penis
length related to the length of a man’s foot? Does finger size predict
penis size? How does penis size vary by race—is it true that men of
African descent have the largest penises, while men of Asian descent
have the smallest penises?  Do Caucasian men have smaller or larger
penises than other races? Do Jewish men have smaller or larger
penises than non-Jewish Caucasian men? And does size really

Surprisingly, there have been relatively few scientific studies on
penis length, at least studies where a large enough sample size has
been included to establish that the results can be trusted
statistically. Another problem with certain of the studies is that they
rely on self-reporting by the men themselves as to the length of
their penises.

Perspective on Penis Size - How Do Humans Stack Up?

Perhaps one of the reasons that humans, especially men, focus so
much on penis size is that, our penises are relatively large.
Compared to other primates, humans have outsized penises.

Gorillas, for example,  have penis length of 3 centimeters while they
can range in height up to feet tall and weigh as much as 700
pounds. Orangutans have penis length of 4 centimeters and
chimpanzees have an average penis length of 8 centimeters. This
compares to a "normal" penis length of around 15 centimeters in
humans. So take that, apes.
This data is from the book "Sperm
Competition" by Professor Todd Shackleford of Oakland Univerity
and Nicholas Pound.

We have examined every existing research study on penis length to
determine which commonly held beliefs about penis size are based
in fact and which can be discarded as unsupported myth.

Top 5 Common Beliefs About Penis Size-True or False

Penis Size Can Be Predicted by Foot Size.

Can a man’s foot size or shoe size predict his penis size?  There are
studies which go both ways on this issue. However, the greater
weight of authority tilts in the direction of dispelling this belief as
myth. For example, a 2002 study from St. Mary's Hospital, London,
UK measured the penis length of 104 men and related this to their
shoe size. They discovered the median penis length for the sample
was 13cm (5.12 inches) and the median shoe size was 9 (European
43). However, when it came to a statistically significant correlation
between the two, none was found. The researchers concluded the
“myth” of penis length and shoe size has no scientific basis.

Does a Man’s Index Finger or Hand Size Predict His Penis Size?

Going on the results of a few small studies from around the world, it
seems the finger may be an accurate predictor of penis length. Is
this myth true? A 2002 study carried out by the Department of
Urology, Naval and Veterans Hospital of Athens, Greece said yes –
there is a significant correlation between index finger length and
penis length (the mean penis length was measured at 12.18cm, the
equivalent of 4.79 inches). The longer the index finger, the longer
the penis. The study was small, however; just 52 men were

A 2007 study from Tehran University of Medical Sciences, Iran,
which looked at 1,500 Iranian men, found a mean penis length of
11.58cm, the equivalent of 4.56 inches The mean girth was 8.66cm,
equivalent to 3.40 inches in thickness. The research showed that
index finger length was correlated with penis length, but only
slightly. Longer penises were generally correlated with longer index
fingers. Much larger studies would need to be carried out to
completely verify these findings.

Does The Ratio Between Your Second Digit and Your Fourth Digit
Predict Penis Length?

Now, here is a surprising finding. A study from Korea in 2011 found
that the ratio between the second finger (the one after the index(
and the fourth finger (the pinky) actually do predict a man's penis

The greater the difference between the length of your second finger
and your pinky finger, the longer the penis length.

The study, conducted by doctors at the Department of Urology,
Gachon University Gil Hospital, in Incheon, Korea, examined 144  
men over the age of 20. Why would the second and pinky finger
ratio predict penis length?  The doctors theorize that this is so
because penis length and finger length are both determined in your
mother's womb at around the same time. They are both exposed to
the same prenatal testosterone chemicals in the womb and
experience parallel growth from that moment on.

What about other parts of the body? Does a man’s physique reflect
his penis size? In general, studies have found no direct correlation
between physique, or body mass, and penis size. One 2006 study
carried out by Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Nnewi, Nigeria tested the
traditional Nigerian “myth” that a man’s penis size can be predicted
by the size of his buttocks and his general physique. The long-held
belief is that men with flat buttocks and a small physique are likely
to have long penises. The researchers measured the penis length of
115 Nigerian men and correlated it with their body mass index and
the size of their hips, measured around the largest part of the
buttocks. Researchers found the median penis length to be 13.37cm
and that there was no correlation between penis length and
physique (body mass index). There was, however, a significant
direct correlation between length of the penis and the size of the
buttocks but it didn’t reinforce the old myth – men with large
buttocks were more likely to have longer penises.

Do Jewish Men Have Larger or Smaller Penises Than Average?

It seems this one is a myth, and without further study it can’t be
held up with any degree of scientific accuracy. As far as we were
able to tell, only one study has looked directly at Jewish males in
comparison with other ethnic groups when discussing penis size –
but it came to no conclusions regarding a difference in male genitalia
size. The 1996 study from Soroka Medical Center, Ben-Gurion
University, Israel measured the penis length of 570 full-term babies,
221 of which were Jews and 349 who were Bedouins. There was no
reported difference in penis size between the two groups.

Do Black Men Have Larger Penises?

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One belief which turns out to be
true is that there is a link between
the length of a man's index finger
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