10 Valentine's Gift Ideas for the Woman
In Your Life

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January 17, 2011 , last updated February 14, 2013

By Ben Peter Jones, Contributing Columnist

Here are 10 Valentine's Day gift ideas for the woman in your life.

 Roses are Red.
Roses are red, romantic and a traditional way to say ‘I love you’ to
your special lady on Valentine’s day. A universal symbol of unwavering
passion, whether  you turn up with a whole bunch or just a single
flower, your message will be clear: I love you.

An Experience: The gift that lasts forever.

Do you want to give her a gift that will last forever? An experience
package can do this. There are many great websites where you can buy
her an experience of anything from a day of rally car driving to a wine
tasting. Treat her to that thing that she’s always wanted to do to show
that you know her and that you care. It could be a day spa package, a
horse drawn carriage ride or whatever. Of course, you can always get a
day for both of you and share that beach horse-ride into the sunset

 Something to cuddle.

Does your girl have a favorite animal? A cute teddy bear, dolphin or
other stuffed animal can make a cutesy gift that she will treasure.
Lovable and fun, why not give it a name together to show her your soft
side? Every time she looks up at in on the shelf, she will be reminded
just how much you care.

Soul Food for Soul Mates

Spoil her. Chocolate is a dark, rich and creamy treat for her on
Valentine’s Day and this is definitely the right day to treat the taste-
buds. There are research studies which have found that chocolate
reminds many people who eat it of love, triggering the release of feel-
good hormones such as serotonin. (Read more about the
benefits of chocolate.)

Think about what she likes and try to cater to her taste. Go organic and
fair-trade to keep consumer conscious and if you want to go that little
bit further, serve with Champagne and strawberries.

Say Cheese!

Say cheese! Valentine’s Day is a time to reflect on your relationship
with your partner – a time for looking back on your time together as
well as looking forward. Why not do this with a selection of photos
from your happiest memories hung. Put them in a frame and hang them
and she will certainly appreciate how much thought you put into this.

Personalized to Perfection

Did you pick up her gift on route to her house? This is what she might
think if your gift is too mainstream. So… make it personal! There are a
large number of sites on the web that offer anything from glasses and
photo frames with your very special message inscribed. You can even
immortalize her in the sky by naming a start after her.

Luscious Lingerie

Is it time to spice things up in the bedroom? Buy her something tasteful
and tasty that will make her feel sexy. Be sure to sneak at peak at her
measurements first to make sure you get it right and don’t be offended
if your gift ends up spending most of the time on the bedroom floor!


Is your partner into heated and compressed carbon? How about
diamonds? Well they’re the same thing and there’s no better way to
show that she’s worth it than giving her a big sparkling stone. If this is
going to break the bank, then something more subtle like earnings or a
necklace will make her feel admired and beautiful. Make it personal –
she could be wearing it for the rest of her life.

Body Care Bonanza

Lotions and potions and all things that smell nice. This year why not
buy her an assortment of body care products. A relaxing bubble bath,
followed by body scrub and sensual moisturizing cream will send your
lady into a world of calm. Let her know that she deserves to put her
feet up and escape from the hectic life every now and then and just
maybe she’ll let you hop in the tub with her.

 Special Date

How did you get together in the first place? Was there a special night
when everything clicked and the magic started? Try to create for her
the perfect date. Whether you take her out or cook a special  dinner at
home, go see that show she’s always wanted or take her out of the city
to look at the stars, you can make this the most romantic night of your

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