10 Superfoods for Men's Health
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What to Eat if You Have Prostate Cancer
Last updated May 24, 2017, originally published June 10, 2009
By Editors, MangoBoss

1. Peppers.   Hot peppers cause prostate cancer cells to "suicide
themselves", (a process called apoptosis) according to research studies
published by the American Society of Cancer Research.  Peppers
contain capsaicin, the compound that makes them hot.

In a 2006 study carried out by scientists from Cedars-Sinai Medical
Center, UCLA and the Keio Medical Center in Tokyo, capsaicin was
found to encourage prostate cancer cells to kill themselves.

Add hot peppers to your weekly menu by sprinkling peppers over
turkey chili or adding them to soups and tacos. (Read more about the
hottest peppers in the world.)

Tomatoes. Tomatoes contain lycopene which researchers have
determined slows or stops the growth of prostate cancer cells. This is
important guys because prostate cancer is the most common non-skin
cancer for men in western countries.

Broccoli. Broccoli, like tomatoes, has been shown to retard the
growth of prostate cancer. Broccoli and other cruciferous vegetables
(brussels sprouts, bok choy, broccoli sprouts, cabbage) contain  
sulforaphane – a compound with strong anti-cancer properties.

More recent research has shown that tomatoes and broccoli work
combined than they do alone.

"When tomatoes and broccoli are eaten together, we see an additive
effect. We think it's because different bioactive compounds in each
food work on different anti-cancer pathways," said University of Illinois
food science and human nutrition professor John Erdman.

In a study published in the January 2007 issue of Cancer Research,
Erdman and doctoral candidate Kirstie Canene-Adams fed a diet
containing 10 percent tomato powder and 10 percent broccoli powder
to laboratory rats that had been implanted with prostate cancer cells.
The powders were made from whole foods so the effects of eating the
entire vegetable could be compared with consuming individual parts of
them as a nutritional supplement.

Other rats in the study received either tomato or broccoli powder
alone; or a supplemental dose of lycopene, the red pigment in tomatoes
thought to be the effective cancer-preventive agent in tomatoes; or
finasteride, a drug prescribed for men with enlarged prostates. Another
group of rats was castrated.

After 22 weeks, the tumors were weighed. The tomato/broccoli combo
outperformed all other diets in shrinking prostate tumors. Biopsies of
tumors were evaluated at The Ohio State University, confirming that
tumor cells in the tomato/broccoli-fed rats were not proliferating as

The only treatment that approached the tomato/broccoli diet's level of
effectiveness was castration, said Erdman.

Hint to guys making the choice between castration and the
tomato/broccoli---choose the tomatoes and broccoli, man.

"To get these effects, men should consume daily 1.4 cups of raw
broccoli and 2.5 cups of fresh tomato, or 1 cup of tomato sauce, or ½
cup of tomato paste. I think it's very doable for a man to eat a cup and
a half of broccoli per day or put broccoli on a pizza with ½ cup of
tomato paste," said Canene-Adams.

Erdman said the study showed that eating whole foods is better than
consuming their components. "It's better to eat tomatoes than to take
a lycopene supplement," he said. "And cooked tomatoes may be better
than raw tomatoes. Chopping and heating make the cancer-fighting
constituents of tomatoes and broccoli more bioavailable." (Read more
about how to
lower your PSA prostate cancer level markers naturally.)

Salmon and Sardines. You know the drill. Oily fish, especially salmon,
ains omega-3 essential oils. Omega-3s are effective in battling
heart disease
, arterial disease and neurological disorders such as
bipolar disorder and schizophrenia

Tuna. Same as salmon but more available in cans and in moderately
priced restaurants. Great source of omega-3s.

Oysters. One of the best sources of zinc, the mineral which increases
testosterone, sex drive and fertility, according to research. Other
sources include wheat brand and Brewer's yeast.

In a 1994 study led by Dr. Curtis Hunt and Dr. Phyllis Johnson of the
United States Department of Agriculture, researchers found that young
men who were zinc-deficient or zinc-depleted experienced decreases
semen volume and lower testosterone levels.  How much lower?  Men
who took 1.4 mg of zinc a day ---meaning they were deficient in zinc---
had 67% lower semen volume than men who took 10 mg of zinc in
their blood.  Bring on the oysters! (Read more about
foods and herbs
that boost testosterone.)

Walnuts.  Great source of omega-3s. Walnuts,more than any other
nut, has been shown to be effective in battling arterial disease that can
lead to heart disease and
erectile dysfunction.  New research has also
found that
walnuts boost sperm quality and fight prostate disease.

In general, eating all types of tree nuts such as walnuts, almonds and
pistachios can help lower your risk for dying from all causes by 20%,
new research has found.

Spinach. Green leafy vegetables contain phyto-nutrients that help to
prevent heart disease, stroke, and erectile dysfunction. Spinach is rich
magnesium, necessary to keep your heart beating in a regular
rhythm.  Spinach also contains
folate which helps to keep sperm

Red Wine. Red wine and dark grapes contain resveratrol which have
been shown to reduce your risk of heart disease, the number one killer
of men. Studies have determined that one glass a day is enough.

Various studies have indicated that moderate amounts of all types of
alcohol benefit your heart, not just alcohol found in red wine. Some  
benefits of alcohol include:

  • Increases "good" cholesterol (high-density lipoprotein (HDL))
  • Inhibits the formation of blood clots
  • Helps prevent artery damage caused by high levels of "bad"
    cholesterol (low-density lipoprotein (LDL))

Red wine in particular seems to have even more heart-health benefits
than other types of alcohol, according to a large Danish study from
2000. The study, known as the Copenhagen City Heart Study, found
that those who drank red wine had about half the risk of dying of heart
disease as those who didn't.

Cinnamon. Cinnamon has been shown to help in leveling the blood
sugar, which helps to prevent


Onions. Onions are a man's best friend. Onions contain a compound
called quercetin, which studies have shown acts as a vasodilator,
relaxing your blood vessels. Onions, garlic and even apples have
amounts of this blood-pressure lowering compound but onions have
the most. Onions -bad for your breath, good for your heart.

Tiger nuts. Tiger nuts are a tuber like potatoes which are grown
primarily in Africa and Asia. Tiger nuts are high in fiber, have about the
same oil profile as olive oil --and thus are healthy for your heart --and
may also help to improve erectile dysfunction. (Read more about the
health benefits of tiger nuts.)

Amla Fruit.  Testosterone levels are falling around the world, in part
because of exposure to toxic chemicals in our environment. Now,
scientists have completed a study in 2014 that discovered that an
extract made from amla (also called aonla and Indian gooseberry) can
restore testosterone levels to normal in many cases.
Read more.

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The American Society of Hypertension (ASH) is the largest US organization devoted exclusively to
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